Product View

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Video Door Phone


  • Handsfree Wide color display indoor screens in different sizes like – 4” / 5” / 7” / 10”
  • Sleek indoor screens with Soft Touch / Feather touch buttons
  • Vandal-resistant high resolution outdoor camera entry panel
  • Intercom facility with 2-way communication
  • Built-in memory for visitors’ images useful in your absence
  • Night vision facility for clear view in dark
  • Smart phone / Tab connectivity within local Wi-Fi at home
  • Remote access and visitor notification through internet
  • IP based latest digital VDP with CAT-6 cabling and PoE supported.
  • Single and Multi-apartment VDP system with up to 3 tier security
  • Digital Main entry Panel for MAVDP with address book and other advance features
  • Integration with Electronic and Digital Door Locks
  • Expandable indoor screens in Master bedrooms, Parents room, etc. in addition to main screen near Kitchen/Living
  • Support additional Outdoor camera panel and CCTV camera.
  • Integration with Home Automation in IP VDP
  • Flat-to-Flat intercom facility in MAVDP
  • Guard phone in MAVDP system with many features like community messaging, alarm notification, etc.
  • Built-in Access control